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Hello, I’m Richard. How do you do?

Web design, branding, content management, development: It's all a bit of a mystery, eh? Well, luckily you've found someone who can help! Originating from God's Own Country (aka: Yorkshire) and now operating from a secret bunker in the tropical paradise of Livingston, West Lothian, Rich B Design is here to offer you a comprehensive web, print & digital design service backed by over a decade of industry experience.

Whether you're starting from scratch and don't even have a logo, or your current website and marketing material could do with a bit of TLC, I'm here to help elevate your business to the next level.

You won't be bamboozled with industry jargon, baffled by decision making or befuddled by incomprehensible insider knowledge. Driven by classic design principles to avoid falling into the trap of being cool today and crap tomorrow, I'm here to make sure your business's creative output stands the test of time, gives you & your customers what they need and is all delivered with a big friendly Yorkshire attitude.



Brand refresh | Digital creative direction

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Brand refresh | Digital creative direction

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Policy Centre for African Peoples

Brand refresh | Web design & build

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Edinburgh Phoenix Choir

Print & digital promotional material

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Willowbank House B&B

Web design & build | Brand identity

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Reach Volunteering

Search page redesign

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So how much does it cost, Rich?

The good thing about design is that it's scalable to fit a multitude of budgets and requirements. The bad thing about design is that it's scalable to fit a multitude of budgets and requirements, so the honest answer is: it depends. Not quite the answer you were looking for I imagine. Well, you're on a website now, right? Why don't we use this as an example.

This was an absolute ground zero job: no logo, no brand identity, no nothing. So what did I need? I needed to get the brand right, then I needed a simple website that looked exactly how I wanted and then I needed to build it to make sure it was as future-proof as possible and some bells and whistles so Google likes it. I've not been counting but I'd say it took me around 15 hours to get from nothing to a branded business with a website.

Now, let's pretend this is your website. Based on these particular requirements (brand workshop, single page static design & build + SEO), you could expect me to bill you about £700, so if you have a calculator you'll be able to figure out a rough hourly rate. You're welcome to use that as a ballpark figure, but bear in mind this would only give you the hourly rate for this specific project.

My genuine advice would be to see it the same way you would hiring any skilled tradesman: have a rough budget in mind and just start getting quotes. A good designer (like me) will be happy to discuss what you need, what it takes to get there and give you an idea of either what you'll get for your money or how much it'll cost for exactly what you need.

Now you've got this far, why not get in touch to find out more about how I can help you and your business.