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Rich was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a gifted communicator (especially to us non-techy people!). Above all else, Rich is a highly personable and very reliable individual, and these characteristics ensured that we maintained an incredibly smooth working relationship throughout the process. We wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking assistance with anything related to website design.
Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, Director, PCAP

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Brand Identity

As the old saying goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. And you want to make a good first impression, right? That’s where your brand identity comes in. How will visitors or potential customers perceive you based on the colours or fonts you use? How do you look compared to your competition? And who is your target audience? There’s a lot to think about when it comes to how your brand looks & feels and you want to make sure you get it right, right?

Custom Website Creation

Imagine you were building your dream house and you interview 2 architects for the job.

Architect 1: “I use prefabricated houses so you'll have to pick from a handful of templates. Hopefully I can make it look how you actually want, but if anything goes wrong the prefab company won’t help because we made changes they didn’t want us to. Each room's managed by a different person and they can come in any time they want and change it without you knowing. Or they might take your whole bathroom out. Or, they might rewire the living room without checking the whole house and now you have no electricity in the kitchen.”

Architect 2: “I’ll create everything myself to make sure you get exactly what you want. Perhaps a small compromise here or there, but that rooftop garden with the Thunderbirds pool ? Sure, we can do that.”

Which architect would you rather go with? I’d like to think its number 2. Now, if we’re talking about websites, a lot of designers are like architect 1: they’ll make you a site with Wordpress or Shopify and, well, to be blunt you get what you’re given. I am architect 2. It’ll be more involved, more complicated and yes, more expensive, but in the long run is a far greater investment in every sense of the word.

Creative Consultancy

The internet is a lot like a car: everyone knows how to use it but honestly, most people don’t really know how it works. That’s why you need to take it to a garage every year for an MOT and a service. The same goes for your website: leave it too long without paying it any attention and one day it might just conk out, or worse, Google decides your website isn’t worth paying attention to anymore....

That’s where I can help. Like your friendly neighbourhood mechanic, I know how to spot the things you didn’t even realise needed attention. You can call me in to give your site the once over and make sure it’s in tip-top condition!


It’s true what they say: you get what you pay for. We all know quality isn’t cheap but that's what you get with me: quality. Now, having said that, a one-page website with a contact form is a different kettle of fish to a 20 page E-commerce site with stock control, admin & a brand identity workshop, so how much it costs ultimately comes down to what you need: it could be £500 or 2k...

I'm more than happy to discuss what you want and what it takes to get there. They'll give you an idea of either what you'll get for your money or how much it'll cost for exactly what you need. Then the decision is yours!