Web Design

Designing for the web is a lot more involved than just making something look nice. How are the pages laid out? How does someone navigate the site?

There are 2 terms in the industry you may have come across (don't worry if you haven't!): UI and UX design. "What's the difference?" you may well ask. Allow me to explain...

UI Design

UI design is the branch of web design that focusses on how your website looks. UI stands for User Interface and this would include things like how to apply your brand identity across the website, whether a link should be text or a button or how big your page header should be for example. Think of them like the interior decorators for your house.

UX Design

UX design is the branch of web design focused on how things work and feel. UX stands for User Experience and this would include things such as: how a visitor would navigate from one page to another, what order elements on your page should appear or how easy it is to add a product to a shopping basket. In a similar way to thinking of UI Design as an interior decorator, you could think of a UX Designer as the architect, drawing up the blueprints for your house to be built on.

A good UX Designer knows you shouldn't have a toilet in the kitchen or the garden on the roof, and a good UI designer knows that your garden shouldn't be planted with weeds or that your sofa shouldn't be made out of stainless steel.

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